Rumplestiltskin (Northumberland Theatre Company)

Sat 06 Dec 2014 6:00 pm – Age 6+

rumpleRumplestiltskin … the story of a boast that becomes a lie!
The royal vaults, once full of gold, are now stuffed with straw! The rain won’t stop, the harvest is flattened and people are getting really cheesed off. Forced to do something about his miserable position, the King hears a rumour of a beautiful miller’s daughter with magical powers. Will she be able to achieve his impossible tasks? If she is to be helped, what will she have to give in return?

Here’s a story that’s old as old
Of how a girl turned straw to gold
Of what it cost
What she nearly lost
Watch and see the tale unfold!

A welcome return to the county for NTC with this magical family show, ideal for the festive season.

‘RSC – Eat your Heart Out! Absolutely brilliant’