Shoo Shoo Baby’s Christmas Party

shooshoobabyLittle did the ticket holders for this event realise they would be the guests at a Christmas party hosted by the duo Shoo Shoo Baby at Stoke Golding Village Hall. From the moment Anna Braithwaite and Tanya Holt arrived, greeting everyone as long lost friends and offering cheese and pineapple on sticks, we were treated to a fun show that included sparkly renditions of Christmas and other well known songs. Unsuspecting members of the audience were picked on as long lost friends and two gentlemen were made to dance in front of everyone else just because they happened to be challenged in the hair department! Shoo Shoo Baby provided polished, light hearted musical entertainment that was just right to get everyone in a festive mood and it proved to be another high quality evening’s entertainment from Centre Stage.

It’s a shame the evening was slightly marred by a couple, who were obviously not getting enough Christmas spirit, who ran off with the main raffle prize before the interval – a bottle of vodka!
Jane White